The Beach House, Burntisland

Eco-friendly seaside holidays in Fife.
Carbon neutral, zero waste, dog friendly, and wheelchair accessible.

The outsdie of The Beach House, and the sea.

Our rooms

Our space includes two bedrooms and a dining kitchen, with an exclusive outdoor space and your own entrance.

It joins on to the main family home.

"Literally nothing was found wanting. The facilities are clean very much considerate of the environment. An ideal get-away."
"Lovely clean comfortable guest house, good showers, very nice beds, and right on the beach. Amazing views."
"Location, location, location, if it was any nearer the sea it would be a boat. Lizzie and Ari couldn't have been more helpful."


Most of the property is wheelchair accessible. We aim to be as transparent as possible when it comes to mobility, neurodiversity, and other issues.

History of the house

The house dates from the 1800s , and was originally built as the town Bath House. It’s spent most of its life as a tearoom.

About Burntisland

Burntisland is a small town in Fife, within easy distance of Edinburgh, Dundee, and St Andrews.

Finding us

You can get to the house by foot, bike, or car, or using public transport.

We have two parking spaces.