A dog on Burntisland beach

We don’t just accept dogs, we welcome them! So we’ve put together a bit of extra information that might come in handy if you’re travelling with your furry friend.

Where can my dog go?

There’s no restriction on where your dog can go – you’re welcome to snuggle up in bed together if that’s what you both like. (The kitchen door does close tightly if you’d rather keep them away from your delicious cooking though!)

Will there be other animals on the property?

There are currently no animals living in the main house, although we have plans to get more pets so if you are booking far in advance let us know if that’s something you’re worried about.

Is the garden fenced in?

It is fenced in, but it is as low as three feet in places so might not be suitable for bigger dogs or high leapers, and very small dogs might also be able to squeeze through the bars on the main gate.

What do you provide for my dog?

We have cotton blankets to help keep your dog(s) comfortable and protect the furniture.

We find that most dog owners bring their own and bowls etc, but if you’re travelling light, or have forgotten anything, please do just let us know.

There’s always a dog bowl out the front for any passing dogs to drink from – let us know if it’s looking emtpy.

Where’s good for walks?

The beach is right in front the house and always full of dogs – there are no restrictions in place, but please do be aware of children playing. There are also a couple of wooded areas around town to run around in – you can follow a trail of about a mile and a half  through the back woods up to Craigencalt Farm, where you can get coffee at The Barn at the Loch while your dog lazes in front of the fire.

If you want a longer run, the Fife Coastal Path stretches out in both directions (watch out for seals!). We’d recommend the three mile walk to Aberdour, ending in lunch at one of their dog-friendly lunch spots.

How many dogs can I bring?

We have no limit on how many dogs you can bring.

Where can I eat out nearby?


The Burntisland Sands Hotel – outside only
Our nearest eatery, The Sands, doesn’t allow dogs inside the bar or restaurant. In mild weather, though, you can sit and eat in one of their outside areas.

Burntisland Sands Hotel


The Barn at the Loch – no restrictions

The Barn cafe, at Craigencalt Farm, is open for lunch and coffee, and you can take your dog inside.

The Barn at the Loch – Facebook page

Harbour View – no restrictions
Bar and restaurant with gorgeous views across the water and dogs welcome throughout.
The Harbour View, Kinghorn – Facebook page


The Aberdour Hotel – no restrictions

The Aberdour Hotel has been recommended to us as being particularly dog-friendly.

The Aberdour Hotel

The Forester’s Arms – restrictions

You can take your dog into the bar at The Forester’s, but not children, so there’s nowhere you can go if you have dogs and children.

The Forester’s Arms

The Sands – A Place by the Sea – outside only

The main cafe at Aberdour Silver Sands beach (open daytimes) doesn’t allow dogs inside, but has a large outside area.

Sands – Aberdour cafe

Need something else?

We’re always very keen to hear about anything else we can do to help our guests with dogs. Please do let us know if there’s anything else that would be helpful.