We’re proud that your holiday with us is carbon neutral, thanks to our corporate tree grove in the Scottish Highlands.

About our tree grove

We have an online grove hosted by Trees for Life, whose mission is ‘Rewilding the Scottish Highlands’. By planting a tree a month, we aim to offset some of the environmental impact our guest cottage has.

Avoiding monocultures

Trees for Life plant a variety of trees from locally collected seed and carefully manage the forests  – avoiding the monocultures being created in some areas,where planting trees is in fact doing more harm than good.

Want to see the maths?

We have a Loop Energy monitor installed in the property, which shows the total household average energy use per year of:

  • 4,680 kWh electricity
  • 20,800 kWh gas
A bee on a flower pot

We generously estimate that a third of this is generated by the guest cottage:

  • 1,600 electricity
  • 7,000 kwh gas

That’s about 1.75 tonnes of carbon, according to an online Carbon Footprint Calculator.

As it takes four trees to offset one tonne, by planting one a month, we should offset three tonnes a year, which easily covers the carbon emissions.

Offset your journey

If you’d also like to offset your journey here, you can make a donation to add to our tree grove, when you book. Donate from £1, and for every £6 we raise, we can plant a new tree.

If you’re getting the train from Edinburgh, a £1 donation will more than cover it. For a return flight from New Zealand, you’ll need to plant one and a half trees (£9).

Adding this offsetting donation is of course totally optional.

Doing all we can

Of course, we can’t just plant some trees and put our feet up.

We still do everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment, as reflected in our ‘Local, Ethical, Sustainable’ policy.