We collect the details of everyone who comes to one of our beach cleans, for monitoring and to stay on top of changing regulations.

If you register below, this saves time for everyone. You can still decide on the day whether to come and if you do, we can tick you off the list.

If you haven’t registered, we’ll need to collect those details on the day.

Data protection

This information is kept by Burntisland Community Development Trust and will be used ONLY for:

You can choose to join our mailing list or get text reminders, but this is completely optional.

Health and safety

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I don't want to give my details

We understand that not everyone is comfortable sharing their details. If you’d prefer to help clean the beach at other times during the month, just drop us a line and we can arrange to leave you a sanitised litter picker. As this won’t involve mixing households, we don’t need to collect your details for this.