Responsible visitor charter

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is very important to us, and we are members of the Green Tourism scheme.

See also our ‘Local, Ethical, Sustainable’ pledge and our ‘Carbon neutral’ page about tree planting.

Easy actions

There are a few things we ask all visitors to do to minimise your impact on the environment.

Separate your waste

There are recycling and compost bins in the kitchen. Please wash and dry recyclables (see ‘Cleaning and Waste’) and put them in the mixed recycling.

Don't litter

Please be responsible when you’re out and about. Put cigarette ends, baby wipes, and dog poo in the bin or bring it home with you.

Stay plastic free

There are refillable water bottles available for when you go out and about. Scottish water is clean and delicious and amongst the best water in the world. You can also wash and use the wax wraps from your welcome pack if you want to pack a picnic.

Cafes on the High Street are still accepting reusable coffee cups, too.

Think about your travel

It’s great if you can get here on foot, bike or public transport. We do recognise that this is hard for some of our visitors, though, particularly in the wake of Covid-19. Once you’re here, though, you can safely walk or wheel through the park into town or to local attractions, so please consider leaving your car parked up if you’ve brought one.

Shop local

Burntisland has an award-winning High Street, with an independent greengrocer (MacAuleys’s) fishmonger (Sinclair’s), butcher (Tom Courts), baker (Sunrise Bakehouse) and zero waste shop (Grain and Sustain) as well as various gift shops and art studios. By shopping local, you reduce your carbon footprint and support the local economy.

You can buy a new Beach House wax pouch from us for £6 – like the ones from the welcome pack. These are made by Leaf Natural Wraps in Markinch. Just get in touch and ask.

Be water wise

Please don’t use the double flush action unless needed, and bear in mind how much water you’re using for showers and cleaning.

Please don’t flush anything extra down the toilet except tissue. This includes wipes that claim to be flushable. They don’t break up properly, and end up on beaches.

Stretch goals

If you want to do even more, you can:

Donate a tree

We plant two trees a months with Trees for Life. (See ‘Carbon neutral’ page.) If you’d like to offset your travel, or just make a positive contribution, you can donate any amount towards a tree. £6 buys one whole tree, and we can add your own message into the online grove.

Come to a beach clean

We run community beach cleans on the first Sunday of each month at 10:30am. If you’re staying then, we’d love to see you there.