We understand that some of our guests like to have a firm idea of the local sights, sounds, and smells.

Ask us anything you like about the sensory environment.

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Light sources

During the summer, the nights in Scotland are very short, and it’s only really dark between about midnight and 3am on the Summer Solstice. The windows in the bedrooms do have curtains, but these are not blackout blinds.

In the winter, the opposite is true. Each bedroom has a main ceiling light and two bedside lamps that are touch operated. The kitchen and hallway have spot lighting. We don’t have any strip lighting.

There is a security light outside which you can switch on and off as needed.

Not all of the space has high contrast colours between the walls and furniture. If this is an issue for you, we can make sure we use darker bedding to better contrast with the walls and floor.


The space has two rooms and a dining kitchen and is aimed at people looking for a quiet break. You will have a private front door and exclusive access to the area, including the kitchen and patio garden.

The house is set back from the road and so traffic noise is fairly low.

However, please be aware of these potential noise concerns:

Train line

The main noise concern is from the train line, which  runs directly behind the house. You can hear the trains passing by every ten minutes or so during the day. Most people do get used to this very quickly but it coudl be an issue if you have sound sensitivity.

Real Train Times data below shows you exactly when you can expect passing trains.


  • The house adjoins a private home and there may be a small amount of noise from TV, music, and voices, especially young children.
  • Outside, the family verandah adjoins the cottage garden, with only a low barrier. There may be voices and children playing here, too.
  • There is a hotel/pub behind the property. It’s very rare we are troubled by noise from there, but it does happen two or three times a year.

Beach noise

At busy times, there can be noise from people socialising on the beach, dogs barking, jet skis, maintenance work and similar urban sounds.

Burntisland Shows: May-August

Between May and August, a funfair operates during the day at a nearby park (thought this was cancelled in 2020). Although it’s unusual to hear much of the fair from outside the house itself (even more so from inside), you do need to walk though or actively bypass this fair to walk between the house and the town centre.

Fireworks Night

Most years, Burntisland hosts a large fireworks display on or around 5 November, at the nearby park.

This has been cancelled for 2020.


We don’t use perfumed cleaning products or products containing bleach, other than exceptionally.

The hand soap in the dispensers, from EcoLeaf, is mildly scented.

We’d be very happy to provide a full list of the cleaning products we use.

We often put natural fragrance diffusers in one or more rooms, and/or might add flowers, depending on the season. If this is likely to cause you any issues, just let us know and we’ll take them out.

Ask us anything

If you have any questions at all about your stay here, just call or email us – whatever you find easiest.