Accessibility at the train station

Burntisland train station is not fully accessible. If this is a problem for you, you can book assistance from Scotrail, turn around at a different station, or take a bus for part of the journey.

  • If you are leaving towards Edinburgh or arriving from Kirkcaldy (Platform 1), access is not a problem.
  • If you are arriving from Edinburgh or leaving towards Kirkcaldy (Platform 2), there is a steep set of steps that is impassable for a wheelchair user.

Three options

Book assistance from Scotrail

If you know when you are travelling more than 24 hours in advance, you can book assistance from Scotrail. If you let them know that the station is not accessible, they will tell you to get off at an alternative station and will book (and pay for) a taxi to take you to Burntisland.

Due to the availability of accessible taxis in Fife, our personal experience is that there can be long delays waiting for a taxi to arrive.

Travel via Kirkcaldy or Aberdour

  • If you are arriving at Platform 2, you can carry on to Kirkcaldy (two stations on), then get out and catch a train coming the other way, so you arrive at Platform 1 (there’s no charge for doing this).
  • If you should be leaving from Platform 2, you can instead catch a train to Aberdour (one station on), then get out and catch the train going the other way.

Catch a bus

The Stagecoach number 7 bus passes very close to The Beach House. If you need to pay for bus travel you can apply for a refund from Scotrail.

  • If you are arriving at Platform 2, you can get off at Aberdour and catch the bus to ‘Bowling Green’ – next to The Sands Hotel.
  • If you should be leaving from Platform 2, you can catch the bus to Kinghorn rail station.

Delay repay

Scotrail’s ‘Delay Repay’ scheme refunds all or part of your ticket price if you are delayed. If you arrive in Burntisland later than you could have done if the station were accessible, this constitutes a delay, and you can claim compensation.

Campaign for better access

We are involved in local campaigning for better access for the train station.