COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

We’re taking a few extra precautions in the light of the current global pandemic.

Given the concern about the current spread of the COVID-19 virus, we’ve taken a few extra steps to make sure The Beach House is a safe place for people to stay.

Deep cleans

We’ve briefed our cleaning staff to take extra care in cleaning all surfaces, particularly commonly-touched areas like light switches and door handles.

Self check in

You don’t have to meet any other people while you stay.

While we normally like to greet guests in person, we’ve decided to stick to self check in for the moment. This means you can get here, check in, and have a self contained place to stay. We have details of food delivery services if you want to minimise your exposure to other people.

No shared areas

We normally rent out our two rooms separately but for the time being we’re only renting out the space as a whole unit. This again means no guests are meeting other travellers.

The space does join on to our family home via an internal door, but this will be locked


If you still don’t feel comfortable travelling, anyone who has booked before 12 March 2020 is entitled to a full refund.

Bookings after this date are subject to a cancellation fee.


If you have any other concerns at all please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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